Brass ball valves
ADVANTICA BRITISH GAS, WRAS, EN331, CE0087 approved gas ball valves

Mini gas ball valves

Radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valves & heads
Twin-entry radiator valves & filters

Pressure reducer valve & air vents
Safety relief valves
Drain valves & couplings
Radiator accessories
Manifolds and parts
Pre-assembled manifolds and parts
Gate valves & stop valves & swing check valves
Check valves
Floating valves
UK stop valves & pump valves
Isolation, service, double check valves
Mini ball, washing machine valves
C.P radiator valves
Mini ball valves & angle valves

Stop (angle) valves

Garden and hose fittings, quick couplings

Generic fittings & Mutilayer pipes and tools
Mutilayer pipe clips and compression fittings
We did O.E.M products in previous years.